Confirmation statement sorted

Every company, including dormant and non trading companies, must file a confirmation statement. It confirms the information to Companies House hold about the company is up to date.

A confirmation statement must be filed at least once a year - or more often if there has been a significant change.

With BlockCare 300 we take care of this for you and debit the Companies House filing fee, currently £15, to the service charge bank account.

Company Secretarial work

All Blockcare300 members get Company Secretarial support to:

  1. be your appointed Company Secretary
  2. become your registered office
  3. keep abreast of the role and legal changes
  4. maintain the Directors register
  5. maintain the Members or Shareholders register
  6. prepare and file the Annual Confirmation Statement
  7. prepare and execute share certificate transfers
  8. execute Licences to Assign (if the lease requires one when selling a flat)
  9. execute the Purchasers' Deed of Covenant (if the lease requires one when selling a flat)
  10. execute Compliance Certificates (if required by HM Land Registry to register a change in title)
  11. Receipt Notices of Transfer.
  12. Execute Licences to Alter (when so instructed by the Client)
  13. File the statutory accounts with Companies House **

Preparation of service charge accounts IS part of the Blockcare300 service, preparation of dormant company accounts or trading company accounts are a chargeable disbursement as are any other aadditional duties.

To assist in executing documents, on set up Blockcare300 Members appoint us as a Shadow Director with the following limited powers:

  • To
  • a. execute share transfers when a property is sold;
  • b. sign and submit the accounts to Companies House;
  • c. sign and submit the Confirmation Statement to verify the shareholder or members register.

What remains your responsibility as Client is to:

  • To
  • a). Minute meetings & keep any resolutions passed
  • b). Call the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • c). To tell us if a Director needs appointing or resigning.
  • d). Pass company resolutions, e.g., to de-regulate and not need to call AGM's

Downloadable from our helpdesk are:

  • Draft AGM Notice and Agdnda
  • Draft AGM Proxy form
  • AGM minutes template

Downloadable from our helpdesk are:

  • Forms to appoint a Director &
  • Forms to termination an Officer

Downloadable from our helpdesk are:

  • Draft Special & Extraordinary Meeting Notices (with a selection of pre drafted resolutions)
  • Draft Proxy forms
  • Minutes template

No more Companies House fines

BlockCare300 members are protected as we will take care of filing the Statutory Accounts and Confirmation Statements and are responsible for any fines incurred in any full accounting year we are appointed.

To be able to give you this guarantee you appoint us as a Shadow Director just to enable the following:


  • a. execute share transfers when a property is sold;
  • b. sign and submit the accounts to Companies House;
  • c. sign and submit the Confirmation Statement to verify the shareholder or members register.

The filing responsibilities for full or part years prior to, or post our appointment, remain your responsibility.

Ownership Registers Maintained

Blockcare300 members can update their ownership registers on-line at any time. This triggers RingleyLaw (our Solicitors) to review if there has been a notifiable event such as a change of owner or a sub-letting so they confirm the update.

Depending whether the property has been sold, or simply sub-let we will provide guidance on the selling or renting process.

Ringley Law will also deal with buyer's and seller's Solicitors and answer the preliminary enquiries to facilitate a sale, as well as dealing with share or membership transfers and updating both the ownership and shareholders or members registers also.

Legal Support - Solicitors' Enquiries

For Blockcare300 members we deal with Solicitors enquiries when a property sells.

Ringley Law offer 2 service levels:

  1. A complete preliminary enquiries service
  2. Support on a question by question basis as required

Or if you want to do it yourself, many of the documents you need can be easily stored in the Document Upload Centre

WHAT COULD Blockcare 300 save you?
save time logo service charge

Save ~40 hours a year

  • Clone last year's budget & e-sign
  • We send demands, reminders etc...
  • We bank your money & reconcile it
  • We litigate any arrears
  • We pay contractors for you
  • We prepare & serve the accounts
  • We apply the balancing charges
  • We file the accounts & confirmation statements at Companies House
  • For sales - we handle the paperwork

You can use our DocuStore to share;

  • leases, budgets, demands, invoices
  • factsheets to guide you through estate management issues
save money logo service charge

Save money on...

Admin cost/time
(40 hrs per year)


(Service Charge)


Buildings Insurance
(assume 20% saved)


Bank charges
(assume £70pa)




BlockCare 300 can save ££££’s

It suits houses & flats

There is no such thing as a low cost Managing Agent, however, our BlockCare 300 takes care of all the legal and financial admin needed to run the service charges.

The brains behind BlockCare 300 is The Ringley Group, a leading managing agent. So it is like having a low cost managing agent, but you are the manager and decision maker (setting the budget and deciding who to pay). We are the service charge administrators making light work of demands, money management, accounts and legal work.

save your block logo service charge

Avoid legal pitfalls e.g.

  • Companies House fines.
  • A £2,500 fine for failing to serve compliant service charge accounts
  • Being unable to collect monies due to the 18 month rule.
  • Not serving balancing charges & breaching of S19(2)of the 1985 Act

And, we underwrite bad debts with our no win no fee service charge litigation

Service charges are an amount that a leaseholder pays to cover the cost of providing communal or shared services to a building and, if applicable, the surrounding estate. The way charges are calculated and what they cover are set out in the lease.

For estates of houses the money collected is often called an 'estate charge' instead of service charge, similarly it is collected to cover the cost of shared services to run the estate.

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