The know-how of an expert Managing Agent packed in a low-cost service charge management solution for you

To members the property management world is no longer a minefield of paperwork, laws and problems - we take care of all that for you. We have shared knowledge previously only qualified Property Managers, Solicitors, Accountants, Chartered Surveyors or Engineers knew and, as a low cost Managing Agent solution, provide financial and legal admin to run the service charge cycle for property owners. Knowing what to do will empower you to self-manage your block of flats or estate - put simply, we make property administration easy.

property management service delivered by a Managing Agent

We know a full 24/7 property management service delivered by a Managing Agent is an expensive luxury for small sites, and that, unless you are a Qualified Property Manager, Solicitor or Accountant, you may well be struggling with the minefield of paperwork, rules and regulations that property management is, e.g., 35 new pieces of legislation* since 2002. There certainly is a lot to get to grips with!

Service charge demmanding


There’s the service charge budget, the demands, the banking, reminders, final notices, letters before action, and Court/Tribunal to deal with, as well as the pitfalls to avoid if you want your demand to be worth the paper it is written on. We hold your money in a Client bank account, you can see the full bank ledger online and there are no bank charges (as long as the account remains in credit). BlockCare 300 members get help with all this


If you are a Freehold Management Company, a Residents Management Company or a Right to Manage Company then each year you need to file an Confirmation Statement with Companies House or risk getting your company struck off! For BlockCare 300 members we do this.


There’s planning for the future, consultation procedures, specifications for decorations and big works, tenders to analyse, Local Authority planning considerations, risk assessments, Asbestos Management Regulations, Construction Design & Management Regulations, the Planning Supervisor role to fill and Health & Safety Executive to deal with. On a pay-as-you-go basis we can help with all this.


Small sites are not exempt from Fire Risk Assessments - see the HSE website. As the “Responsible Person” you need the audit trail in place, else if the worst happens you risk jail. On a pay-as-you-go basis we can help with all this.


As the “Responsible Person” you need to firstly know if there is asbestos in the block. And, if there is, you need an Asbestos Register and to prove that you have managed the risk. On a pay-as-you-go basis we can help with all this.


Blocks property management means dealing with nuisance neighbours, the professional non payers and those who chooses to ignore the rules in the lease or transfer. On a pay-as-you-go basis we can help with all this

Service charge accounts prepared
Solicitors sales enquiries handled


Self-managing your block of flats or estate means there’s the service charge accounts, the company accounts, the annual confirmation statement, the corporation tax return, and the trust tax return to arrange. BlockCare 300 members get FREE Service Charge Accounts - and we procure the company accounts for you too. It is hard enough to remember to get the accounts done, but if you don't serve a Section 20B Notice or present the accounts in compliant form to service charge payers within 6 months you may not be able to collect the service charge and any deficit. And, our panel accountants will read the lease so that your accounts are Court ready - just in case you have to litigate arrears.


When an owner wants to sell, someone has to deal with the Solicitors enquiries, the law society LPE1 forms, the certificates of compliance, licence to assign, deed of covenants, stock transfer forms and share certificates transfers. For BlockCare 300 members we take care of all this.


With circa £8Bn assets under management, we have bulk buying power giving you access to cheaper buildings insurance. Because you are self-managing should also consider directors and officers insurance too. makes it easier to do property management right. We calculate without systems, economies of scale and specialists skills in property management it takes about 40 hours each year to do the paperwork necessary to run a block of flats.

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