Running a block isn't easy. There's lots to do and it all takes time. Below is a comparison of BlockCare levels:

Blockcare 100

Basic tools and advice
for leaseholders

BlockCare 100 includes:

  • Hundreds of FAQs answered
  • Repairs liability matrix (Who repairs what)
  • Step by Step Guides: Lease Extensions, Right to Manage

  • Help with rule breakers: noise, alterations
  • Access to our bulk buying insurance power
  • Templates for meeting notices & minutes
  • Resolutions your company may need to pass
  • Cloud store your property documents
  • it’s a bit like your own “online property manager”

  • Access to Ringley Law to vary badly drafted leases
Blockcare 300

Self-manage your property
with support

From £630

BlockCare 300 includes:

  • Companies House & tax office dealt with
  • Annual Confirmation Statement prepared
  • Company Accounts filed
  • Service charge accounts prepared & served on owners
  • Demands sent by post & email
  • Owners can pay by direct debit, bank transfe & see their account balance online
  • FREE service charge arrears collection

  • FREE banking & bank account reconciled, with bank balances online
  • Budget & reserve planning tools
  • Help with problem leases
  • Solicitors sales enquiries dealt with
  • Share and ownership registers maintained
  • Mail merge facilities to create & share news
  • Best practice followed so you can collect the money budgeted

Plus All of BlockCare 100!

Blockcare 500

A 24/7 service from
the professionals

Your own Property Manager

  • Directors & AGM Meetings attended
  • Mintues & property inspections online on the Gateway portal
  • Service charge budgets prepared
  • Rolling reserve plan prepared
  • Demands, Polite Reminders & Final Notices sent
  • Service Charge arrears chased
  • Managed repairs service
  • Planned block maintenance
  • Tendering & reporting on small works
  • Visibility of all invoices online
  • Full cashbook accounting
  • HR issues & Site staff management
Blockcare 300
FAQs about BlockCare 300
The annual fee depends on the number of properties but starts from £525 + Vat £630 and it is charged quarterly in advance, as part of the service charge budget. The minimum period is 1 year from the start date, so other than the £100 + Vat £120 set up fee, we will be paid as we collect the service charges, UNLESS your lease does not allow advance collections and in this situation we would collect members contributions using company law.

You as Client/Directors are the manager. You set the budget in the portal, appoint contractors and instruct us through the portal to pay them and run any meetings.

We demand the money, enable owners to pay by bank transfer, direct debit or credit card and enable them to see a statement of their payments online. We chase the arrears, cloud store your budgets and the invoices you upload and produce compliant service charge accounts and provide you with step-by-step guides and factsheets to support you.

We will also file the Annual Confirmation Statement and Company Accounts with Companies House and deal with any Solicitors enquires when a property is selling.

You can create and mailmerge letters from the website.

Yes, for legal reasons we still need to send demands and notices by post, demands are also sent by email.

Ground rent belongs to the freehold owners so should be retained in your freehold company, or distributed to the freehold owners or you could use our online toolkit to pass regulations to stop collecting ground rent from freehold owners.

Our Treasury Team will answer payment queries, but queries related to the budget and management issues remain the Client/Directors responsibility as we are acting as administrator not property manager.

Ground rent collection is an additional service, and since February 2004 government regulations mean that ground rent and service charge have to be collected separately with different explanatory notes. Please apply separately for a ground rent collection quotation.

You can appoint Ringley Law to deal with prior arrears. They will first need to do a compliance cheque to advise you on what has been correctly demanded and what you will be able to collect. Please contact Ringley Law for further details.

Your service charges are held in trust under Section 42 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 - in a Client account just for your site.

Yes, BUT, when you bought the freehold you would have paid up any service charge arrears as part of the purchase, you now will own the right to collect these from the owner in arrears.

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