Will the new block management code boost service delivery?


Author : Mary-Anne Bowring

Will the new block management code boost service delivery?

If you have ever thought that finding the right property manager is a bit hit-and-miss, then the good news is on the way. A new block management code of practice is being developed that we hope will improve the service that leaseholders can expect to get from their managing agent.

Managing Agents

At Ringley, we are committed to giving both landlords and residents professional service. Our managing agents are either qualified or working towards their industry qualifications and we work hard to maintain high standards of customer care and communication. However, we are very well aware that we work in a largely unregulated business where rogue agents give us all a bad name. In addition, that means we have to work even harder to ensure that the services we provide are the best.

Therefore, we welcome the fact that the RICS and The Property Ombudsmen (TPO) have been working with the government-backed Ropa Code of Practice Steering Group to come up with new rules for agents to work with. The block management code is based on industry best practices developed by professional bodies such as the RICS and IRPM and sets out the standards and principles that all managing agents working in the leasehold sector should abide by.

The new code is now out for consultation and includes:

  • Increased transparency over service charges and management fees so flat owners can see how their money is being spent
  • clear advice on dealing with occupier disputes
  • updated complaints processes
  • Best practice for securing new business with the aim of showing up rogue agents and ensuring leaseholders get the right level of service.
  • Recognition of the part played by consumers’ use of social media and guidance on how to work effectively with leaseholders and residents’ associations in an increasingly digital society.

Ultimately, we hope the code will be adopted because we are in favour of anything that brings agents closer to their clients and customers. We like to think the lines of communication between our staff and our customers are always open, but this is not the case with all block managers, so if the proposed changes help to improve understanding on both sides and raise standards in our industry, it is certainly worth promoting.

To take a closer look at the consultation and have your say on ways that we could improve our service delivery, click here.

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