Fighting back Against the Cost of Living Crisis


Author : Ian Barbar

The Cost of Living Crisis

Fighting back Against the Cost of Living Crisis: In-source Property Management for Your Block of Flats with
The cost-of-living crisis weighs on people everywhere. Rising expenses are affecting every aspect of life, including housing, and in blocks of flats, one effective way to handle the crisis is by in-sourcing property management. In this blog, we explore the solution offered by, a reputable platform that gives leaseholders control of their block's management. By in-sourcing property management, you can reduce costs, improve services, and regain financial stability amidst the challenging global landscape.
The cost-of-living crisis is a pressing issue, characterised by the imbalance between income growth and the rising expenses associated with necessities such as housing, utilities, and more. Managing agents often charge high fees for their services, further exacerbating the financial burden on residents of blocks of flats.

The Power of in-sourcing Property Management:

In-sourcing property management involves leaseholders taking direct control of the management responsibilities for their block of flats. This offers several benefits:
1. Cost Savings: By in-sourcing property management, leaseholders can eliminate the need to pay excessive fees charged by managing agents. These results in significant cost savings, which allows residents to allocate funds more efficiently and potentially, reduce service charges.
2. Enhanced Control and Transparency: In-sourcing property management provides leaseholders with greater control over the decision-making process. It enables direct involvement in prioritising maintenance and repairs, ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately. This increased transparency builds trust and fosters a stronger sense of community among residents.

Tailored Services

3. Tailored Services: Leaseholders gain the flexibility to customise services according to the specific needs of their block. By selecting contractors and service providers, leaseholders can negotiate better deals and ensure that services align with their expectations. This leads to improved quality and value for money.
4. Expert Support: provides leaseholders with expert guidance, resources, and tools to facilitate the transition to in-sourced property management. It offers assistance in legal and financial matters, dispute resolution, and provides a network of trusted professionals.

Service Charge Sorted: Empowering Leaseholders is a reputable platform provided by The Ringley Group; London's leading Managing Agent has been established for more than 25 years and is dedicated to helping leaseholders’ in-source property management for their blocks of flats through
1. Financial and legal administration handled: is a comprehensive accounting solution. It is for small blocks of flats and private housing estates. You create the budget; we manage the demands, banking, and arrears. You manage the repairs and tell us if you want us to pay a contractor. We prepare and distribute the service charge accounts, deal with solicitors when properties are selling, and interact with Companies House for share transfers, appointments, and filing Confirmation Statements and Company Accounts. This way we take away all the legal and financial aspects related to in-sourcing property management. We provide resources to ensure that all administration is compliant with regulations.

Step-by-Step Assistance

2. Step-by-Step Assistance: The platform guides leaseholders through the transition process, offering a step-by-step approach to in-sourcing property management. From establishing a residents' association to financial management and service provider selection, provides support at every stage.
3. Dispute Resolution: assists leaseholders in resolving disputes that may arise during the transition or ongoing management. It takes away the burden and embarrassment of asking your neighbours for their service charge; guides effective communication strategies and offers mediation services to ensure a cooperative environment among residents, which creates a pleasant place to live.
5. Ongoing Support: provides ongoing support to leaseholders in managing their group of flats. It offers resources, templates, and best practices for financial management, maintenance planning, and effective decision-making. Leaseholders can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise to navigate the challenges of self-management successfully.


In-sourcing property management through offers leaseholders a powerful solution for the cost-of-living crisis. By taking control of their block of flats' management, leaseholders can reduce costs, increase transparency, and tailor services to their needs. empowers leaseholders with comprehensive guidance, step-by-step assistance, networking opportunities, and ongoing support throughout the transition and management. By leveraging these resources, leaseholders can navigate the complexities of property management, regain financial stability, and create a thriving community within their block of flats.

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