The role of a service charge manager and how low-cost block property management can be delivered online to save money.


Author : Mary-Anne Bowring

The role of a service charge manager and how low-cost block property management can be delivered online to save money.

The role of a service charge manager involves overseeing the financial and operational aspects of managing service charges in a block property or development. Service charges are fees paid by leaseholders or property owners to cover the costs of maintaining and managing shared areas and services, such as communal facilities, cleaning, repairs, insurance, and utilities.
The service charge manager's responsibilities include:
1. Budgeting and financial management: Creating and managing the annual service charge budget, ensuring accurate accounting, collecting payments from leaseholders, and handling financial reporting.

Managing contractors and service contracts

  1. Managing contractors and service contracts: Selecting and managing contracts, suppliers, and service providers for cleaning, maintenance, gardening, and security.
  2. Concmpliae and governance: Complying with legal and regulatory requirements related to service charges, leasehold agreements, health and safety, and data protection. This may involve liaising with relevant authorities or professional bodies.
  3. Communication and dispute resolution: Maintaining effective communication with leaseholders, responding to queries or complaints, and facilitating dispute resolution between parties.
  4. Maintenance and repairs: Planning and overseeing routine maintenance, repair works, and major refurbishments in collaboration with contractors and property owners.

Record keeping and documentation:

Maintaining accurate records of service charge expenditure, invoices, contracts, and other relevant documentation.
Options for low-cost block property management delivered online to save money finally exist. Technology has been harnessed to make light work of all the legal and financial administration that self-managing a block of flats entails. is a comprehensive accounting solution for small blocks of flats and private housing estates. You create the budget; we manage the demands, banking, and arrears.

You manage the repairs and tell us if you want us to pay a contractor. We prepare and distribute the service charge accounts, deal with Solicitors when properties are selling, and deal with Companies House for share transfers, appointments, and filing Confirmation Statements and Company Accounts. This way we take away all the legal and financial aspects related to in-sourcing property management. We provide resources and ensure that all the admin is compliant with regulations.

Online payment and accounting systems: prompts you when need you to prepare a service charge budget and has an intuitive tool to make light work of budgeting for you. With The Ringley Group’s more than twenty-five years of experience behind, you can be assured that your service charge demands will be compliant while we send reminders and collect payments from owners. We manage the banking, bank reconciliation, and all the financial transactions while you can see the accounting on Here you can see the bank balance, the running balance of the cashbook, what has been paid, and any invoices too. Our streamlined processes make light work of managing the books, leaving you to think about what needs to be done around the block.

Digital communication and document management enables you to create a mail merge for all leaseholders, and upload important documents for safekeeping or sharing with all owners.
3. Maintenance reporting and expenditure: with as you are the property manager, you arrange the maintenance. Then log on, tell us who to pay, and consider it done. With the books being digital, you can see the bank balance and all transactions which makes reporting and tracking expenditure easy. We also encourage you to upload invoices for safekeeping..

Self-service help guides

4. Self-service help guides: provides online self-help and step-by-step guides for leaseholders to access important information. Additionally, if there is not an advice note on your topic, we will write one within 30 days.

By leveraging technology and embracing online solutions, low-cost block property management can be achieved through Get rid of the paperwork when properties sell, receive the service charge accounts without having to arrange them, and our accountants will manage the banking, budget, and demands while our lawyers collect the service charges and the arrears. If you forget to do the budget, we will raise last year’s budget by 10% on your behalf. So embrace technology and low-cost online solutions with by Ringley Group.

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